Solar intern – Self-consumption in France

Students from an engineering/scientific background. Relevant industry experience appreciated but not compulsory. Fluency in French and English a must.

Paid internship, based in Lyon. Duration: 5 to 6 months.

Everoze is a technical and commercial energy consultancy, specialising in renewables and energy storage. We are on the look-out for an intern to support the rapid expansion of our solar photovoltaic (PV) business in France.

Your role

In February 2017, France adopted new regulations regarding individual and collective self-consumption of renewable energy as part of the new Energy Transition law. A decree was then published in April detailing the future role of distribution network operators in this new context as well as technical specifications for the injection of surplus energy. These measures open the door to a range of new opportunities for the French solar PV sector, including industrial self-consumption, smart-grids and the development of the French storage market.

This is where you come in. Your role will consist in exploring this new regulatory context as well as the technical solutions associated with it. The main focus of your work will be to study the French solar energy market, anticipate its evolution in relation to these new regulations and assist us in identifying new clients and developing new services accordingly.

In addition to that main task, you will be supporting our technical and commercial consultancy work to investors, lenders, project developers and operators worldwide through the following activities:

  • Getting analytical: with a thriving solar PV market in both France and the UK, we have acquired a sizeable number of meteorological data, simulation results, and due diligence conclusions in general during the past two years. One of your missions will be to create or update databases using this information and analyse the results to check for the emergence of overall tendencies if relevant.
  • Working through technological, commercial and regulatory topics: diving into the details of real-life projects to assess risks and solve issues for investors and lenders, conducting modelling on topics ranging from production of brownfield or greenfield solar assets through to industry technological and commercial trends.

What we are looking for

  • Great analytical abilities: You excel at Excel. Ideally you are able to develop a database.
  • Communication savviness: Getting to a number is just half the story, you are good at explaining what is behind that number and at interpreting what this number means. You are able to write clear and accurate reports in English and to work with colleagues and partners across the globe.
  • Passion to transform our energy system: The energy sector is in transition; you want to speed this up.
  • Will to develop and learn: You want to put your analytical training into practice and to develop a broader set of skills, technical and commercial.
  • Free thinking: You are comfortable working with evolving scopes, in the context of competing priorities. You love the intellectual thrill of working to your own solution but also the team-bonding that comes from interactive problem-solving.

Who we are

Everoze is a technical and commercial energy consultancy, specialising in renewables and storage. We work across geographies and technologies, for the private sector and for government. We provide the following services in wind, solar and storage:

  • Due Diligence on Demand: Working smarter to rapidly evaluate risk and opportunity.
  • Project Support: Applying experienced eyes to improve asset performance and add value to project development.
  • Strategic Support: Deploying effective people with the right industry know-how to address technical, commercial and strategic challenges.

As people, we are a group of mostly engineers, with a pinch of economics/policy experts. We are all motivated to transform our energy system, and are passionate about the role of technology in achieving this. We live our company values of entrepreneurship, partnership and quality.

What we offer

  • Real impact at the cutting edge of energy: We are conducting our business so as to be working on tomorrow’s energy systems. You will be at the heart of this: conducting the analysis which informs our client’s major investment and policy decisions.
  • A fast-growth environment. We set up to do things differently – and our clients are liking it. We are hungry to make an impact on the energy sector, and that means growth.
  • “One-team” ethos: No silos stopping cross-fertilisation of ideas, we get the best people together to the job at hand across geographies and industry sectors.

How you can apply

A single route through including:

  • A short CV
  • A covering letter (which clearly states your right to live and work in France)
  • A short essay (200 to 400 words) addressing the following question: “In what ways could the development of self-consumption change the French energy market ?