A new entrant to the energy sector

Green hydrogen can play a vital role in decarbonizing the economy and enabling countries to reach net-zero emissions. The economics of producing green hydrogen from electrolysis are maturing as developers scramble to meet expected future demand. Everoze partner Nicolas Chouleur and Neoen hydrogen expert Sacha Lepoutre discuss a case study that shows how stacking different revenue streams could improve the economics of renewable energy projects.

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Our top five learnings from the pioneering Sustain-H domestic flex trial for homes

All good things start with a dream, or so they say. As the Sustain-H trial wraps-up and Western Power Distribution announces its plans to commercially roll-out the Sustain-H service alongside publication of the Sustain-H Product Roadmap, Nithin Rajavelu shares his and the team’s top five learnings from the pioneering domestic flexibility trial.

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Everoze Carbon Removal Part 3 - Avon Needs Trees

Everoze Carbon Removal Part 3 – Avon Needs Trees

The marketplace for carbon offsetting schemes is a minefield for misunderstandings and so we wanted to really get under the skin of the schemes we were using for our 2020/21 financial year. We selected a portfolio of 4 schemes. The final chapter in this story is the charity Avon Needs Trees.

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2021-10-29 Design speeds for Solar PV

Design wind speeds for Solar PV

In this follow-up article to his previous LinkedIn post on why we see step-change in design wind speeds at some national borders, Simon Hughes shares his thoughts and conclusions.

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Everoze Carbon removal - Part 2: Naturefund, tropical rainforest

Everoze Carbon removal – Part 2: Naturefund, tropical rainforest

Are your NetZero plans suitably additional? At Everoze, our primary aim is to reduce our emissions. But for the carbon we have not been able to avoid emitting, we have sought mitigation through effective carbon removal schemes.

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Everoze Carbon removal - Part 1: Forest Carbon

Everoze Carbon removal – Part 1: Forest Carbon

In this article, Everoze Partner Ellie van der Heijden describes why we think what we are doing at Everoze is a little different to business as normal when it comes to carbon removal.

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Everoze and Hydrogen

Everoze launches new hydrogen advisory hub in Glasgow

At Everoze, we see low carbon Hydrogen as a highly versatile ‘silver bullet’ for hard to decarbonise sectors, offering an important contribution to our Net Zero future

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Everoze 2020-21 Carbon Emissions Update

Everoze 2020/21 Carbon Emissions Update

Everoze started working on a decarbonisation plan for the company’s emissions in 2019 and has committed to both rapidly reduce its own emissions while investing in accelerated carbon removal schemes to achieve effective net-zero emissions. Here an overview of the three steps we are undertaking to ‘walk the talk’ of our company mission to accelerate the transition to a decarbonised energy system.

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Everoze - PV for biodiversity

PV for biodiversity

Keeping track of the upcoming ecological sustainability regulations and recommendations and their impact on the solar industry is a real challenge. But simply relying on the belief that solar is ‘green’ enough because of the zero carbon electricity it produces is no longer enough. In her latest article, Ragna Schmidt-Haupt investigates how the protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems is likely to be of particular focus for solar PV.

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