Everoze and Power My EV collaborate to boost EV switching

Published April 2021

Everoze is delighted to be working with Power My EV, an Electric Vehicle (EV) and energy comparison site, on their UK Research Innovation government funded project which aims to make it easier for all drivers to ‘go electric’ in the next decade.

The project aims to simplify and enhance Power My EV’s existing free EV and energy tariff online assessment tool using available and relevant data sources, including automotive, mobility, energy, finance and meteorology, to find the best technical match of EV and home energy for an individual. Customer’s motives for switching will also be included in the matching algorithm, to further enhance the customer experience.

Everoze will provide domestic energy consumer insights, user research expertise and data-driven analysis.

This project is part of the UKRI’s Prospering from the Energy Revolution MedApps programme, which aims to open up energy data for the benefit of the consumer and society.

Mat Thomson, co-founder of Power My EV commented, “We are very excited to be helping maximise the potential for electric cars in the route to net zero. The challenge is to keep it simple.”

Freya Espir, Everoze project manager for this work comments that “Engaging with the domestic energy consumer mass-market is essential to empower individuals to make a decision about their personal capabilities. Power My EV’s enhanced comparison tool will help consumers on their switching journey, using smart data analytics and personalised information. We’re really excited to support Power My EV on this consumer-focused project.”

For more details, Power My EV’s press release is available here.


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