LiveDiligence set to shake up transaction advisory market

7th May 2019.





  • New online platform launched by leading technical adviser, Everoze, will speed up due diligence reviews on infrastructure transactions.
  • Influential renewables investors, NORD/LB and Pensions Infrastructure Platform (PiP) among early adopters, receiving live access to diligence findings as they emerge.
  • LiveDiligence to provide investors with a competitive advantage in increasingly crowded infrastructure markets.

Infrastructure transactions are becoming increasingly competitive, with accelerated deal timescales and pressure for improved valuations. Leading technical advisor Everoze has partnered with data visualisation experts Datacoz to develop LiveDiligence – an online platform designed to be the most efficient, clear and secure way to do due diligence.

Everoze has used our due diligence experience in renewables and electricity sectors to develop LiveDiligence: a dynamic, live-access platform to help their clients stay nimble and competitive in white-hot deal environments.

Everoze Founder Joanna de Montgros commented “We’ve been doing due diligence differently at Everoze since the beginning – recognising that our clients need direct access to senior, flexible staff to enable the right decisions to be made quickly. With LiveDiligence, we are taking things one stage further by giving our clients faster access to the findings they need and the clarity required to make the right calls as the deal evolves.”

Three years in the making, LiveDiligence is designed to supersede the traditional linear process advisers currently follow to deliver Due Diligence reviews. Investors will have live access to the review so that sticking points can be identified early and the diligence shaped dynamically as issues emerge. Advisers are thereby freed-up to focus on evaluating risks and formulating mitigations rather than wasting time on old-fashioned reporting at the very end of the process.

Everoze Founder Joe Phillips expanded: “The deal environment can be tough enough for potential investors and lenders, even before they are faced with long and sometimes impenetrable reports from their advisers – often received at the 11th hour. We want to put the power back in the hands of our clients by making our findings available as they emerge, on a secure and user-friendly online platform. We built LiveDiligence to help cut through the waffle – getting to the handful of value-driving insights more quickly.”

Commenting on early experience with LiveDiligence, PiP Investment Manager, Joe Davis said “It was great to use LiveDiligence as the platform was able to deliver findings from due diligence with increased speed and clarity. This is definitely the direction that the industry should be headed in and Everoze have created a top quality product that demonstrates the benefits that technology can bring to due diligence.”

Alan Harling, Director at NORD/LB added “We are always keen to find ways to improve deal execution. Our experience with LiveDiligence has demonstrated that the platform improves the flow of information, allowing us to better shape the focus of the diligence as issues emerge.” 

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