Matthew Clifton-Smith

Matthew’s involvement in renewables spans over 20 years, including a PhD in Wind Engineering. He has worked in renewable industry roles since 2009, including for top consultants (Garrad Hassan / DNV) and successful developers.  Matthew adds value across a wide range of technical activities from greenfield site selection, development, procurement, financing, construction, and operation. Highlights include:

  • Led all technical activities of a greenfield site, through development, procurement, financing and into construction of a 720 MWac solar farm;
  • Led all technical activities to build a 6+ GW development portfolio;
  • Led all engineering activities and teams across a 4+ GW development portfolio;
  • Assessed the resource for over 10GW of onshore wind developments, and 1GW of Solar PV;
  • Assessed the performance of dozens of wind turbines to IEC standards; and
  • Responsible for monitoring over 150 remote resource monitoring devices.