Everoze and Aging Assets

Growing old gracefully

The renewables boom from 2004 onwards in most major markets means that a substantial proportion of the renewables operational fleet is now approaching or has passed mid-life – particularly onshore wind. Opportunities and threats emerge from this aging population when considering end of life options, but a rigorous approach is needed.

Everoze LEAF

Everoze has developed a holistic and flexible process, known as LEAF (Life Extension Assessment Framework), to support our clients in making better decisions with respect to repowering and life extension options.

  • LEAF is holistic – recognising that the best option may not be driven by pure economic analysis, LEAF takes regulatory, technical, commercial and financing drivers in to account from the outset. These factors affect the feasibility, economic viability and investment risk profile of each wind repowering and life extension option and so cannot be ignored.
  • LEAF is flexible – every asset is different and every asset owner has different strategic objectives, priorities and stakeholder relationships. For this reason, LEAF is structured flexibly to allow a tailored implementation.

For more information on how Everoze LEAF can add real value to your aging renewables assets, contact me: Joss Boxford.

The LEAF Portal

LEAF Portal

We’ve created an online portal to allow you to explore some of the issues associated with the “demographics” of renewables and storage technology in our home markets – UK and France. Check it out and tell us what you think.

Everoze has developed a holistic and flexible framework, known as LEAF, to support our clients in making better decisions with respect to aging renewables assets.


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