Strategic Support

All businesses operating in the energy market at this time of great change should be asking some fundamental questions about the operating projects they are involved with and those in the pipeline.

Government is facing significant energy challenges to balance affordability, maintain security of supply, take action on climate change and create local jobs – all against a fragile economic backdrop and uncertainty in financial markets. These challenges, and how the government is choosing to address them, are creating rapid change in the energy market, Consequently, the private sector faces a vast range of potential investment options, an ever changing regulatory environment and the challenge of finding the right partners to achieve strategic ambitions.

Everoze is available to help your business see the big picture and to make sense of the risks and opportunities emerging in the marketplace. We deliver strategic support to both the private sector and government which deepens our industry insight and enables Everoze’s skilled consultants to facilitate better investment and strategy decisions for clients, whether they are new market entrants or established businesses in the renewables arena.

Founding Partner, Joe Phillips: “We’ve managed to assemble a strong team with the right blend of industry knowledge and consulting skills. Differentiating the strategic from the trivial is only possible with a wealth of experience. We might be old hands, but we’re determined to deliver new insights and value.”


Everoze and Solar PV

Everoze and Solar PV

When it comes to Solar PV, a flexible expert partner, interested in opportunity as much as risk is needed. A “tick-box” approach just won’t cut-it. Christophe Campistron explains…

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Everoze and Energy Storage

Everoze and Storage

Regulation is playing catch-up with technological advances and as Siobhán Green explains: It’s time to demonstrate that storage can deliver.

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Everoze and Ageing Assets

Everoze and Aging Assets

Everoze has developed a holistic and flexible framework, known as LEAF, to support our clients in making better decisions with respect to aging renewables assets. Joss Boxford explains…

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