Carbon Accounting and Sustainability Consultant

We’re excited to be hiring a carbon accounting and sustainability consultant. You will work closely with and be an active member of the Sustainability in Renewables team.

Location: Preference for Bristol but applications for our other offices in Glasgow, Paris, Lyon, or Madrid will also be considered. The role includes flexibility for some remote working.

Deadline for applications: 29th September 2023

Package: We are open to differing levels of expertise and will seek to match salary to the experience and capabilities of the successful candidate, plus annual profit share bonus and route into company ownership.

Application process:  Please apply through the Applied platform which we have selected to avoid the potential for unconscious bias in the candidate selection process. To make an application please follow this link:

Your role

We have a clear net zero pathway and the ambition to achieve it. As an employee-owned company with a clear purpose to create a zero-carbon energy system, many of our staff are fully aware of the climate crisis and actively ‘on-board’ with sustainability issues. You will be working within a highly engaged team taking responsibility for our net zero strategy, measuring and monitoring, annual reporting and implementing strategies to mitigate and reduce our GHG emissions. In addition to this, you will be supporting Everoze in its aim to operate as a truly sustainable business by providing internal ‘best-practice’ nudges and sound advice for operational decisions. The role also includes consultancy work, providing first-class advice to our clients. Specific activities will include:

  • GHG emission monitoring and reporting: using (and developing) our internal system for monitoring annual emissions and communicating the results internally and externally;
  • Net zero strategy: identifying and implementing emission reduction plans, helping to keep Everoze on its net zero pathway;
  • Consulting and strategy advice: providing net zero, sustainability strategy advice and ESG due diligence services to our clients;
  • Emission mitigation: administering Everoze’s annual investments into carbon sequestration and biodiversity schemes to mitigate our unavoidable emissions;
  • Sustainability: encouraging, educating and inspiring Everoze employees to adopt sustainable ways of working and living;
  • Environmental, Social and Governance policies: working with the Business Management team to keep the relevant company policies up to date and in line with best practice. Being the point of contact for clients requesting this information;
  • Supplier sustainability: using (and developing) our internal supplier checklist tool to ensure we procure goods and services ethically and sustainably;
  • Communication: creating clear and engaging communication content about Everoze’s net zero and sustainability mission for dissemination on LinkedIn, the company website and other appropriate channels.

You will work closely with the Sustainability in Renewables team and the various Everoze employees who were previously responsible for the activities above.

We offer

Lots of companies like to say they are different, but we are genuinely a shift away from the standard model, all the way from our founding principals and what drives us, to our structure and day to working practices. Everyone at Everoze is a partner in Everoze, with all staff taking dividend-bearing shares after a couple of years. We encourage everyone to pick their own career paths and pursue their strengths and interests.

  • We are owned by the employees and offer a very low-cost route into ownership for all new staff;
  • Everoze is its people: Whilst very profitable, we are not solely motivated by the bottom line and we care deeply about our culture and people, which, as a consultancy, make up virtually all of what Everoze is. Whilst we do not grow for growth’s sake, we nevertheless have grown quite rapidly, mostly out of enthusiasm for what we do. We set up shop with 6 partners in September 2015. Now we’re 80 strong and counting, based across the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Singapore and Australia;
  • The flattest of flat organisations: Let’s be upfront: if you thrive on hierarchy and structure, Everoze isn’t the company for you. But if you are looking for a work environment where the strength of your ideas are valued as much as your years of experience, then welcome home. You’ll be given the freedom and autonomy to shape your own career; it’s not for everyone, and with freedom comes responsibility – but we sure enjoy the buzz of owning our own careers;
  • The team works: Goodbye departmental silos! We get our offshore wind experts working on energy storage, our Spanish team working on French projects, our UK office manager specialising in communications. It keeps things fresh for us and more importantly, spurs the creative cross-fertilisation of ideas which helps us deliver unique insights and value to our clients;
  • Top-notch mentorship and coaching: We are lucky to have lots of industry and business management experts at Everoze. We’d love to share some of this experience with you and assign you an internal mentor to help guide your professional development. And we hope that you can return the favour by offering feedback for us too, because whether you’ve got 3 months experience, or 30 years, we’ve all got more to learn;
  • No utilisation targets: Yes that’s right! We don’t report on, or check staff utilisation to assess team or individual performance. We operate on trust within the team.  We find that happy and motivated staff are able to find the right balance between commercial work, business development and administration;
  • Fostering entrepreneurship: If you have a good idea for a new business area, we empower you to follow it. OK, lots of companies say that, right? Well, many of our staff are actively involved in new ventures which have led to creating new companies or lines of work. We’re serious about this and we have systems for selecting new opportunities and a budget for investing in them;
  • A flexible approach: We believe that a strong and healthy work life needs a strong a healthy home life. We encourage flexible working practices for all to be there for the kids swim lessons, a favourite hobby or learning new skills. Many of our partners work part time or adopt other flexible ways of working to achieve this balance within our self-managed structure.

We would like to hear from you if you meet the following requirements:

We are looking for someone who wants to further their career in sustainability and is motivated to work collaboratively within a dynamic and friendly company creating positive impact. You will need to have the drive, confidence and personal skills to develop and lead new initiatives in our unique company structure.


  • You demonstrate genuine enthusiasm for sustainability and taking action on climate change and are driven to create positive impact;
  • You are already, or you are motivated to become, recognised as an experienced carbon accounting and sustainability consultant with a reputation for delivering high quality work, adding value to the company and its employees and possessing a solid understanding of sustainability;
  • You share our core beliefs of entrepreneurship, partnership and quality;
  • You are excited to work in an open, non-hierarchical environment;
  • You are self-motivated and will take advantage of the autonomy to shape your own career;
  • You want to use your skills to change our energy system for the better;
  • You are equally comfortable being either a team leader or a team member, as the project or initiative dictates.

Essential skills and qualifications

  • BSc (or beyond) in relevant subject area such as sustainability or comparable degree or equivalent experience;
  • Good understanding of Greenhouse Gas Protocol and Science Based Targets;
  • Native/fluent in English;
  • Consultancy experience;
  • Strong organisational, IT and systems expertise;
  • Self-starter who enjoys collaborating with a diverse team and communicates well;
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and prioritise effectively;

You are open minded and able to adapt your knowledge and working approach to a non-hierarchical organisation and find working in that environment exciting.

We understand that some great applicants may not excel across all of the above criteria. We are willing to support people who have a great fit with the Everoze culture, who are passionate about what we do, and who have great strengths in a sub-set of the above fields. If you love the role and can demonstrate your ability to apply your strengths and adapt to new fields, we encourage you to apply.

Nice-to-haves, any of the following:

  • Knowledge of or experience in the renewable energy industry;
  • Experience of embedding sustainable practices within organisations;
  • Additional language skills.

How to apply

Everoze embraces diversity and equal opportunity. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. For this reason we are only accepting applications for this position made through the BeApplied platform which is designed to avoid any unconscious bias. You will be asked to answer 3-5 short questions designed to give you the opportunity to demonstrate the core skills we are looking for. These will be reviewed anonymously, before reviewing your CV, your details or even your name, and the highest scoring applicants will be invited for interview.

To make an application please follow this link:

By submitting your application, you agree that Everoze will process the application for the recruitment process, in line with the privacy policy accessible via this link.