Offshore Wind

A highly competitive and rapidly changing market

Offshore wind is now an established technology having made significant savings since the establishment of competitive subsidy regimes. This competition has meant developers are continuously innovating and refining their projects through inventive commercial arrangements, new exciting technologies and ambitious market projections. Each project has its own unique challenges and risks, and so in order for investors, lenders, developers and the supply chain to remain competitive, recent industry knowledge is essential.

Everoze provides our clients with direct access to some of the industry’s most experienced consultants who have worked across a broad range of projects in Northern Europe and further afield. We provide the following services.

  • Due diligence: Everoze provides technical advisory services to both buy-side and sell-side clients, as well as to lenders. Our technical advisors offer flexible, targeted and bespoke approaches to due diligence.
  • Strategic support: Our experienced consultants provide strategic advice to investors, developers and the supply chain.
  • Project Support: Everoze has experienced consultants able to provide project development support throughout the offshore wind project lifecycle, from lease award through to operations.

Everoze supports investors, developers and the supply chain. For more information on how we can add real value to your offshore wind projects, contact us

Every offshore wind project has its own set of unique challenges and risks - we have the insight and experience to quickly identify the key issues and support our clients in finding opportunities


Everoze A New Player Has Entered the Game: How Offshore Wind May be Entering Its Next Phase

A New Player Has Entered the Game: How Offshore Wind May be Entering Its Next Phase

After a very interesting deal was concluded last month for Hollandse Kust Zuid by chemicals giant BASF, here are some thoughts by Everoze partner Graeme Wilson on what this transaction might mean for the offshore wind industry and developers in particular.

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Let's talk about embedded carbon

Let’s talk about embedded carbon

In his latest article, Everoze Founding Partner Colin Morgan discusses the crucial role of offshore wind in reducing the carbon emissions generated by our energy sector in the years out to 2050 when the World is aiming to reach the end of the carbon era.

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Everoze offshore wind. Photo by Robin Redfern

Offshore Wind Astonishes and Perplexes

Offshore Wind and Round 4 – In his latest article, Everoze partner Graeme Wilson shares his thoughts on how the oil and gas majors survival, the growth of the offshore wind industry and the UK’s carbon goals are all now intertwined.

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