Assessment of the risk of forced labour

Published April 2023

Everoze provided an assessment of the risk of forced labour within the supply chain of selected PV modules for Crédit du Nord.

The module suppliers’ documentation provided by the client was assessed on conformity with existing best-practice to mitigate human rights violation in business operations. In addition, credible open-source data was reviewed to ensure the assessment was in line with the latest available research . Everoze holistic approach combining technical due diligence expertise, deep knowledge of the selected manufacturers was employed to propose practical and effective risk mitigation recommendations for the assessment.

This work was undertaken as part of Everoze’s sustainability advisory services, with the aim of holistically bridging the technical, commercial, and environmental spheres for our clients to make informed decisions when developing, constructing and operating their assets.

Karim Hebouche, Deputy Director, Project Financing at Groupe Crédit du Nord mentions: “We are very happy with the forced labour assessment provided by Everoze experts. We got a deeper insight on the potential risks and actionable recommendations on how to mitigate them. The assessment has helped us at the PV module validation stage.”

Everoze’s work was led by Diana Zadorozhna and supported by a broader project team including Arnaud Eté and Ellie Van der Heijden.