Independent Engineer for Nevendon EFR Commissioning Tests

In March 2018, Everoze acted as independent engineer on behalf of Belectric Solar Ltd for the National Grid commissioning tests at Foresight’s 10MW Nevendon Battery Storage Project in Essex, the first of five Enhanced Frequency Response (EFR) storage projects for which Everoze provided this service.

Everoze’s scope was to act as Independent Engineer as defined within the EFR contracts, which required analysis of the commissioning test results, independent confirmation of successful performance and issuing a certificate and report of the results for National Grid.

Robin Redfern, Everoze project manager for this work, comments that “Despite the best attempts of the Beast from the East to thwart our testing efforts, these challenging tests were passed, and the system has been operational for a number of months. The Belectric teams in the UK and Dresden worked tirelessly to respond to our queries and support our checks. It’s really impressive when you go to one of these sites for testing and see just how fast the system can ramp to full export or import – this is truly cutting-edge, nothing else can provide this service at this scale right now.”

Kostas Tsanas, Belectric Senior Project Manager in UK , commented “We were delighted to get the Nevendon project fully commissioned under EFR and contributing to the stabilization of UK grid frequency. The Everoze team worked closely with Belectric throughout the process and we would like to thank them for their proactive, flexible and diligent work which ultimately led to the acceptance of the project by National Grid.”