Verification of the contractual availability of two German PV portfolios

August 2018

Everoze verified the contractual availability of PV portfolios of two German Investors. One portfolio consists of two farms of 60MWp combined installed in 2011 in Northern Germany. The installed capacity of the second project amounts to 30 MWp, operational since 2014.

The Client requested Everoze to independently perform an availability analysis as part of a wider performance review of the O&M contractor. Everoze employed advanced data analysis on the basis of 1-minute SCADA data derived from the monitoring system of the plant, including data at the inverter and string levels.

These data sets were correlated against each other and to the metered production data, alongside potential production estimates calculated based on satellite derived irradiance data, in order to allow detection of string and inverter technical unavailability during SCADA data loss. Although the reported technical availability as per the O&M reports exceeded the guaranteed availability level for the plant, the Everoze analysis showed that the actual availability had been below the availability stated in the O&M reports. In addition, Everoze detected low data availability of only 80% at string level due to failures of the monitoring system, also not stated in the O&M reports.

As part of this industry-leading analysis, Everoze produced a technical report highlighting the unavailability, which can be used by the Client for internal management decisions or external legal procedures.

Everoze’s work was led by partners Stefan Mau and Francesca Costigan supported by a broader project team.