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Everoze is an employee-owned consultancy, specialising in renewables, storage and wider energy flexibility. Our unique strength is bridging the gap between the technical and the commercial. We exist to help our clients accelerate the transition to a decarbonised energy system.

We’re a team of 60 consultants who are flexible, experienced and interdisciplinary. We have offices in the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany, and we’re active in energy markets across the world.

We are a trusted advisor to some of the biggest brands in the sector and work closely with our clients to make projects, companies and technologies futureproof and financeable.


Everoze and Hydrogen

Everoze launches new hydrogen advisory hub in Glasgow

At Everoze, we see low carbon Hydrogen as a highly versatile ‘silver bullet’ for hard to decarbonise sectors, offering an important contribution to our Net Zero future

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Everoze 2020-21 Carbon Emissions Update

Everoze 2020/21 Carbon Emissions Update

Everoze started working on a decarbonisation plan for the company’s emissions in 2019 and has committed to both rapidly reduce its own emissions while investing in accelerated carbon removal schemes to achieve effective net-zero emissions. Here an overview of the three steps we are undertaking to ‘walk the talk’ of our company mission to accelerate the transition to a decarbonised energy system.

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Everoze - PV for biodiversity

PV for biodiversity

Keeping track of the upcoming ecological sustainability regulations and recommendations and their impact on the solar industry is a real challenge. But simply relying on the belief that solar is ‘green’ enough because of the zero carbon electricity it produces is no longer enough. In her latest article, Ragna Schmidt-Haupt investigates how the protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems is likely to be of particular focus for solar PV.

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Everoze and Hydrogen

Everoze and Hydrogen

At Everoze, we believe Hydrogen can play a crucial role in our clients Net Zero strategies

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Hydrogen and Offshore Wind

Everoze and Offshore Wind

Challenges are not just technical, but environmental and logistical – At Everoze we are ready to face them with crisp solutions. Jo de Montgros explains…

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Everoze and Storage

Regulation is playing catch-up with technological advances and as Siobhán Green explains: It’s time to demonstrate that storage can deliver.

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Strategic Support

All companies operating in the energy space should be asking some fundamental questions in this time of great change. Everoze is available to help your business see the big picture and to make sense of the risks and opportunities in the marketplace.

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Project Support

As the renewables sector approaches maturity, increasing attention is being given to optimising project development and maximising output from operating assets. Everoze staff have the essential industry knowledge and hands-on experience which is key to improving asset performance and adding value to project development.

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Due Diligence on Demand

The risk landscape is changing rapidly as technologies evolve and the mix of active players in the market shifts. Our staff have the knowledge and understanding to work smarter – rapidly evaluating both risk and opportunity.

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Oweninny Wind Farm 18th August 2021

Lenders technical advice on phase 2 of Oweninny Wind Farm

Everoze acted as lenders technical advisor in a continuation of our role for the original Oweninny Phase 1 project where we supported the lenders during the financing, construction and operations phases.

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Everoze Acquisition DD for Glennmont

Due diligence to support the acquisition of a 473MW solar pipeline in Spain

Everoze was delighted to advise Glennmont Partners on the technical side of a 473 MW solar pipeline acquisition in Spain. The portfolio has been developed by Grupotec, a leading developer and contractor on the Spanish market.

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Due diligence to support refinancing of subsidy free solar farm in SW England

Due diligence to support refinancing of solar farm in SW England

Everoze was delighted to advise Triodos Bank and Low Carbon Hub in the financing process for the subsidy free 19.2MWp Ray valley Solar Farm, located in Oxfordshire in South West England.

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