Member of Commitment Committee for crowdfunding platform WiSEED

Published July 2019

Everoze is delighted to be appointed as member of the commitment committee by the crowdfunding platform WiSEED to advise on innovative RE technologies and projects. The general public can then invest into the pre-selected projects.

Everoze’s role is to carry out high-level technical and market expertise on various RE related projects and companies to be offered on the crowdfunding platform. The scope of work included:

  • Technology assessment
  • Techno-economic input to financial models
  • Corporate DD where applicable: Market & Competitor analysis, review of company’s technical capabilities & positioning, Business plan projections, etc.

Jean-Marc CLERC, Responsable pôles innovation sociale & ENR at WiSEED mentioned: “WiSEED being a leader and pioneer of online crowdfunding – via its internet platform – in France relies heavily on its highly specialised experts on the commitment committee to select meaningful and value-creating projects in renewable energy and related sectors. We are thankful to Everoze to provide their technical and commercial expertise in this dynamic and growing field, offering the fine balance between in-depth and pragmatic judgements.”