Everoze supports Total’s acquisition of an 80% stake in Erebus floating offshore wind project

March 2020

Everoze was delighted to advise Total on its acquisition of an 80% stake in the Erebus floating offshore wind project, which is located in the Celtic Sea in Wales.

Erebus is the first floating offshore wind project in development in Welsh waters, and is expected to have a capacity of 96 MW. Test and demonstrator scale projects have a vital role in developing the capability of the floating offshore wind industry, and in proving its readiness for development and delivery of commercial-scale projects.

Everoze’s scope of work included a review of the project development status, schedule, technical and grid connection elements, and key financial model inputs, including DevEx, CapEx, OpEx and energy production estimates. Everoze used its technical due diligence capabilities, with its unique understanding of project development and the emerging floating wind sector to deliver the work.

Everoze’s work has been led by Daniel Bacon supported by a broader project team including Graeme Wilson, Paul Gardner, Bob Hodgetts, Jérôme Jacquemin and Joe Phillips. For more details, Total’s press release is available here.