Everoze supports ILOS with DD and construction monitoring for a UK 6 projects portfolio of 230 MWp Solar PV

Published October 2023

Everoze supported German company ILOS Projects GmbH in their financing up to Financial Close of 4 plus an additional 2 solar PV projects in a portfolio consisting of 230 MWp to be constructed in 2023 and 2024 in the UK. Everoze will continue to be involved as Lenders Technical Advisor to monitor the construction and certify milestones / drawdowns for these projects.

“Our mission is to promote the energy transition and drive the global expansion of renewable energy“ explains Nikolaus Krane, CEO of ILOS Projects GmbH. “We along with our partners are delighted to significantly contribute to a reduction of global CO2 emissions“.

Everoze employed its industry leading Due Diligence on Demand process, ensuring a robust risk assessment, smooth communication and continuous identification of open risk items. Everoze’s scope of work included the technical review of permits, grid connection, land-, technology-, design-, and contractual risks, the checking of the Financial Model, sizing of the Maintenance Reserve Account and an independent energy production assessment.

Everoze’s work was led by Christian Gertig supported by a broader project team including Jeremy Cruickshank, Simon Hughes, Martin Laing, Thiebault Mura, Abdul Sotayo, Nicolas Chouleur, Wiktoria Filipowicz and Enzo Petrillo.

ILOS Projects GmbH, commented: “We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated team and partners who played a pivotal role in making this achievement possible, including Akereos Capital, TLT LLP, Bayerische Landesbank and Everoze.”

For more details, ILOS’ press release is available here.