Long-term Operational Monitoring for more than 8,000 solar PV sites

Published July 2017

Everoze is delighted to be performing long-term operational monitoring on a number of UK solar PV portfolios for which the financing is arranged by IDCM Limited. The role is in support of lenders to the portfolios. This will be provided on a long-term basis, for the entire operational life of the assets. The portfolios total 37 MWp across more than 8,000 sites, with assets spread across the UK including ground mounted projects as well as commercial and domestic rooftops.

Our scope of work is tailored to the individual needs of each portfolio to ensure the analysis adds real value in each case. Regular review of the following aspects are undertaken: performance, O&M, Maintenance Reserve account balance, O&M budget and site visit inspections. Everoze draws on our project support and operational experience to produce a robust analysis to help explain the behaviour of the portfolios and to highlight any short- or long-term risks affecting the assets.

Jean-Christophe Oberto, Executive Director of IDCM Limited commented “It’s great to have Everoze monitoring these portfolios. The challenge of identifying and communicating the key issues associated with such a large volume of assets requires a team who are able quickly sort the significant risks from the trivial. The seniority and flexibility which Everoze brings to the table means that we are confident that these assets are in safe hands.”