Strategic support to maximise locational value of new development solar-storage projects

Published April 2021

Regenerate Power was seeking to maximise local value from their new development solar-storage projects, retaining long-term equity whilst partnering with local stakeholders to maximise project viability and open up the prospect of a broader value stack for solar than the traditional view based on active energy export alone.

Everoze was delighted to be engaged by them to provide an overview of local value opportunities for new build solar-storage projects, including:

  • Overview of technological development and impact on project revenues;
  • Overview of distribution service operator flexibility service opportunities; and
  • Characterisation of local actors with whom Regenerate Power could look to partner, and presenting an overview of potential partnership opportunities.

To conclude the project, Everoze delivered a slide pack to Regenerate Power, outlining the findings of the investigation.

Adriano Satta, Development Partner of Regenerate Power mentions: “Everoze demonstrated market-leading knowledge on novel value stacks and flex market developments for solar-storage – neatly joining together an engineering and commercial view’”.