Everoze supports Thrive Renewables in the acquisition of their first battery storage project

Published December 2020

Thrive Renewables has announced the purchase of a battery storage project, developed by Eclipse Power Generation, located in Wicken just outside Milton Keynes. At 5MW and 7.45 MWh, Wicken will be Thrive’s first battery storage project. Construction will start imminently and is due to be completed by summer 2021.

Everoze staff provided technical support to Thrive during the acquisition process, in particular providing the technical elements of the main EPC and O&M contracts, including warranties.

Operating under a trading model, the project will participate in wholesale market trading and future capacity market auctions. It will also provide frequency response and balancing services to National Grid and the local distribution network.  There is growing demand for both frequency response and balancing services as fossil fuelled power plants are retired and renewably sourced power progresses towards delivering the majority of UK electricity.

Paul Gardner, project manager for Everoze, said “Having supported Thrive on previous renewables projects, we’re pleased to have helped Monika and the team on their first battery project.  At Everoze, we see energy storage over a range of timescales as an essential part of the path to low-carbon energy systems”.

Monika Paplaczyk, Investment Manager for Thrive, said: “Battery storage provides flexibility to the electricity grid, enabling the deployment of more wind and solar power across the system, and we’re very pleased to be a part of making that happen. This year we have invested in new geothermal, solar, and hydro projects to add to our existing portfolio, delivering on our mission to help power the UK’s transition to clean energy.”

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