Everoze surveys market landscape for flex community, for Bath and West Community Energy

Published June 2021

At Everoze we love to work on pioneering business models that catalyse a net zero energy system. So it’s been great to support Bath and West Community Energy (BWCE) by assessing the regulatory and market regime for their ground-breaking ‘Flex Community’ concept.

BWCE’s Flex Community integrates digital technology designed by Stemy Energy with energy devices, including heat pumps, electric vehicle charge points and immersion heaters.   By building a community of flexible energy consumers, BWCE aim to reduce carbon emissions, electricity bills and the need for major grid upgrades. This forms part of the wider EU-funded ReDREAM project, spanning 8 European countries.

Alison Turnbull, Innovation Project Manager, BWCE mentions: ” A very good comprehensive report – thank you again for your prompt work'”. 

Everoze provided BWCE with analysis and synthesis of wholesale and capacity markets, the balancing mechanism, ancillary services and local flexibility markets, as well as regulatory and market factors key to the transformation of electricity end-consumers into prosumers.

Sally Coates, Everoze: “It’s rewarding to have the opportunity to support a local organisation which does such great work in putting people at the heart of the energy transition. Looking forward to seeing the Flex Community in action!”

Everoze’s work was delivered by Sally Coates, Charlotte Bassett and Felicity Jones