Michael Quan

Michael has been worked in the wind engineering industry since 2017, specialising in developer support services. Prior to joining the Everoze Partners, he worked with wind flow modelling, specifically applying computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate wind flow across sites with varying levels of terrain complexities and stability, delivering energy yield assessments (EYA), turbine layout optimisation, noise assessments, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) assessments, Shadow flicker studies, etc.

Michael’s technical inclinations include developing digital tools used to streamline processes or methodologies involved in his line of work. He has proficiency in data analytics, programming in various languages, wind flow modelling, energy yield assessments with accompanying uncertainty calculations. He is also experienced in specialist service such as shadow flicker, developing monitoring campaigns, remote sensing validations, site-conditions assessments, site calibration and Power Curve verification (PCV), layout optimisation with further micro-siting and refinements.