New firm, Everoze set to shake up renewables consulting

Published September 2015

  • New technical and commercial energy consultancy, specialising in renewables launches against backdrop of policy upheaval in UK market.
  • Experienced team of 6 set-up shop as a trusted and flexible partner for investor and government client groups.
  • New approaches to due diligence, asset performance and strategy advice delivered via partnership model and access to unique network of industry specialists.

At this time of critical change for the renewable energy sector, some of the most experienced and high-profile industry professionals have assembled to create and launch, Everoze – a technical and commercial energy consultancy, based in the UK. The new company is set to transform how consultants work with their clients in the renewables industry and broader energy sector.

Founding Partner and former head of Independent Engineering at Garrad Hassan, Joanna de Montgros explained, “It’s time to do things differently. Due diligence needs to become more than a just tick-box exercise. Everoze adds real value by taking a bespoke approach to each and every deal and by putting senior staff, with access to the best specialists in the industry, at the heart of the process.“

Everoze’s six partners are exceptionally well-placed to deliver, all having recently held senior positions in large, well-established industry consultancies. Their combined expertise in renewables spans nearly a century and covers a range of technologies including onshore and offshore wind, solar, wave and tidal.

Business has already been brisk for the Everoze team.  Companies are seeking their expertise to review assets and transactions as industry players re-evaluate their strategy in response to economic, regulatory and technological change.

Colin Morgan, Founding Partner with over 25 years’ experience in renewables said, “The market space for renewables is becoming increasingly tight in the UK. Investors need direct access to senior staff capable of quickly identifying the issues which really matter.”

Bruce Woodman, Company Director at Pure Energy Professionals said, “We already knew that the experience and quality of work delivered by Everoze would be excellent, having worked with some of the partners in their previous roles, on projects in the UK, Europe, North America and developing markets. What’s different now they are in Everoze, however, is their personal dedication to a project and their ability to work rapidly in close partnership with our team. We welcome Everoze to the market and look forward to engaging with them on future projects.”

Based in offices in Bristol, the Everoze team works in the UK for both the private sector and government with plans to expand rapidly into global markets. The six Founding Partners celebrated the launch of their new enterprise in London on 24th September 2015 with over 100 industry professionals all keen to find out more about the rise of this inspirational new business in the clean energy sector.


Who We Are

We have assembled some of the most experienced and competent consultants in the renewables and energy storage sectors. We listen carefully to our clients. We are flexible on when, where and how work is delivered. Meet the team.

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What We Do

We are a trusted advisor to some of the biggest brands in the sector and work closely with our clients to make projects, companies and technologies futureproof and financeable. We do so to help accelerate the transition to a decarbonised energy system.   We offer:  Due Diligence on Demand: Working smarter to rapidly evaluate risk and

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What We Believe

Driven by the urgent need to decarbonise, cost reduction in renewables and new enabling technologies, the energy sector is going through a period of transformation. This is fundamentally changing where, when and how we generate, transmit, distribute and consume energy across the electricity, transport and heat sectors.   Everoze is at the forefront of this change,

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