Due Diligence on Demand

Traditional and new sources of capital are both needed to fund the transformation towards a decarbonised electricity system. As a result, new sources of equity and new business models are becoming more prevalent in renewables. Institutional investors are entering the renewable energy space looking to offset commodity exposure with long-term interest-linked returns from stable assets. In addition, Yield Cos, green bonds and merchant power models are challenging the orthodoxy of project finance coupled with traditional Power Purchase Agreements.

Everoze is a trusted partner to lenders, investors and asset owners, delivering due diligence on demand and adding strong strategic value and commercial context to transactions. We provide a flexible framework of specialists and protocols to ensure that risks and opportunities are assessed at an appropriate level and are communicated effectively and promptly to our clients.


Infrastructure transactions are becoming increasingly competitive, with accelerated deal timescales and pressure for improved valuations. We’ve used our due diligence experience to develop LiveDiligence – an online platform designed to be the most efficient, clear and secure way to do due diligence to help our clients stay nimble and competitive in white-hot deal environments. Using this new platform, we give our clients live access to the review so that sticking points can be identified early, and the diligence shaped dynamically as issues emerge. Advisers are thereby freed-up to focus on evaluating risks and formulating mitigations.

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The risk landscape is changing rapidly as technologies evolve and the mix of active players in the market shifts. Our staff have the knowledge and understanding to work smarter - rapidly evaluating both risk and opportunity.


Everoze advise Gore Street Capital on acquisition of 160MW battery storage portfolio on Island of Ireland

Everoze advise Gore Street Capital on acquisition of 160 MW battery storage portfolio

The projects have been developed to target provision of ancillary services in the upcoming DS3 Volume Capped and Volume Uncapped tenders

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Everoze advise Octopus on their first French wind acquisition

The 18MW Roche Quatre Rivieres wind farm, developed and currently being built by RES.

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Acquisition of Langa, a French owner and developer, by ENGIE

Everoze advised ENGIE on the acquisition of Langa solar and storage portfolio made up of 720 sites with a total power of 1.280 MWp

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