Energy Storage

Regulation is playing catch-up with technological advances

All across Europe, system services are undergoing significant reform. These services are being redesigned to be technology-neutral, fit for flexible providers, and tradable across national borders. This is creating a fertile ground for the development of storage technologies which can be built quickly, readily scaled and intricately programmed to hop between revenue streams.

A holistic perspective

In such a dynamic environment, we believe access to market intelligence and a bottom-up perspective on competitive dynamics is as important as understanding the latest technology trends and regulatory developments. We apply this holistic, flexible and informed approach across our range of core services:

  • Storage Due Diligence:we wrap and integrate commercial, regulatory and technical perspectives on risk, with a focus on understanding the revenue stack.
  • Strategic support:we support business strategy from market entry decisions to site feasibility, with a focus on synergies with business strengths.
  • Project support:we work closely with project sponsors to get the best from the rapidly evolving supply chain.

We offer these services across a wide range of technologies and project variants from utility scale to domestic, industrial and commercial portfolios; from batteries through to pumped hydro; grid-connected or behind-the-meter.  For more information on how we can add real value to your storage projects, contact me: Siobhan Green.

Regulation is playing catch-up with technological advances - It's time to demonstrate that storage can deliver.