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Everoze is an employee-owned renewables and energy storage consultancy. Our unique strength is bridging the gap between the technical and the commercial.

We’re a team of 40 consultants who are flexible, experienced and interdisciplinary. We’re spread across Europe and active in energy markets throughout the world.

We work closely with our clients to make projects, companies and technologies futureproof and financeable.

We are a trusted adviser to some of the biggest brands in the sector.


Battery Storage in the GB Capacity Market

The latest T-4 auction for the GB Capacity Market closed last week. How did batteries fare this time round? We lay it out for you in 3 graphs.

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Shock prices in UK Capacity Market drive Battery model 2.0

Are you ready for battery model 2.0? The shock low UK Capacity Market price of £8.40/kW/yr is prompting creative solutions – read Everoze’s analysis here

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Your essential cribsheet to the top 3 corporate PPA models

With a global trend towards the end of subsidies for renewables and demand for green energy increasing year-on-year, a key challenge is how subsidy-free renewable energy projects will be funded.

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Everoze and Solar PV

When it comes to Solar PV, a flexible expert partner, interested in opportunity as much as risk is needed. A “tick-box” approach just won’t cut-it. Christophe Campistron explains…

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Everoze and Storage

Energy storage isn’t new, but recent advances are having a profound effect on electricity markets. Insight in this space requires a bottom-up perspective as Felicity Jones explains…

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Everoze and Aging Assets

Everoze has developed a holistic and flexible framework, known as LEAF, to support our clients in making better decisions with respect to aging renewables assets. Joss Boxford explains…

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Strategic Support

All companies operating in the energy space should be asking some fundamental questions in this time of great change. Everoze is available to help your business see the big picture and to make sense of the risks and opportunities in the marketplace.

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Project Support

As the renewables sector approaches maturity, increasing attention is being given to optimising project development and maximising output from operating assets. Everoze staff have the essential industry knowledge and hands-on experience which is key to improving asset performance and adding value to project development.

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Due Diligence on Demand

The risk landscape is changing rapidly as technologies evolve and the mix of active players in the market shifts. Our staff have the knowledge and understanding to work smarter – rapidly evaluating both risk and opportunity.

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Everoze advises on refinancing a 92MW solar portfolio in the UK

We applied our Due Diligence on Demand approach, delivering a fresh take on asset risk.

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Neptune 2 – a global onshore wind & solar portfolio

Due Diligence for a 1.6 GW portfolio consisting of 42 onshore wind & solar projects in France, Australia and Latin America

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Everoze advises Foresight on acquisition of 35MW battery storage facility

Congratulations to Foresight on acquiring this 35MW EFR battery storage facility from RES. Everoze were delighted to act as Technical Adviser for this landmark project.

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