Mixed tech portfolio refi

Published September 2016

Everoze was delighted to support NAB and Cubico on the refinancing of a multi technology portfolio, featuring the 32 MWp Broxted Solar project, the 21 MW Wandylaw and 21 MW Middlewick wind projects. We applied our Due Diligence on Demand approach, delivering a fresh take on asset risk, leveraging multiple existing Due Diligence reviews undertaken by third parties. We examined opportunities as carefully as risks as part of our ongoing efforts to move Technical Due Diligence beyond a box-ticking exercise.  In line with these principles, we prepared an analysis to estimate the benefit of geographical wind variation as well as wind-solar diversity on portfolio-level revenue uncertainty. This approach increased comfort in the energy production assumptions underpinning the transaction.


Lynn & Inner Dowsing

Everoze was delighted to support GIB and Blackrock on the aquisition of the 220MW GLID portfolio, featuring the Lynn and Inner Dowsing offshore wind project.

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What We Do

We are a trusted advisor to some of the biggest brands in the sector and work closely with our clients to make projects, companies and technologies futureproof and financeable. We do so to help accelerate the transition to a decarbonised energy system.   We offer:  Due Diligence on Demand: Working smarter to rapidly evaluate risk and

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Due Diligence on Demand

The risk landscape is changing rapidly as technologies evolve and the mix of active players in the market shifts. Our staff have the knowledge and understanding to work smarter – rapidly evaluating both risk and opportunity.

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