Everoze report sets blueprint for investment in UK energy storage

Published July 2016

Everoze’s report ‘Cracking the Code: A Guide to Energy Storage Revenue Streams and How to Derisk Them’, was written with input from RES and the University of Strathclyde’s Power Networks Demonstration Centre, and commissioned by Scottish Renewables.

It sets out to decode the complex set of revenue streams available to GB storage providers, through the Everoze revenue wheel.

Three challenges:

The report identifies three challenges currently preventing revenue stacks from being financeable:

  • Low bankability: Revenue streams are not easily bankable from a private sector perspective.
  • Revenue interface risk: Revenue streams do not always match up from a timing, contractual and technical perspective.
  • Lost potential: Storage operators cannot monetise the full range of services that their plant can deliver.



The report’s recommendations include:

  • Longer contracts from National Grid for support services like frequency response and fast reserve – which could help get banks on board
  • Designing revenue streams to enable them to be ‘stacked’ together more easily, addressing ‘revenue interface risk’ to make sure they line up technically, commercially and legally
  • Unlocking new revenue opportunities within the distribution network.

Further information:

The report can be downloaded from the Scottish Renewables website here.

If you would like to discuss UK storage revenue streams further, please contact Everoze Partner Felicity Jones via contact@everoze.com