Backtracking is becoming smart, but it isn’t magic

Everoze partner Felipe Canto Teixeira highlights the increased complexity in the design of singleaxis trackers and energy assessment for PV generation created by more challenging topographies, and discusses solutions based on his on-the-ground experience in hilly Portuguese terrain.

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Everoze Partners Portuguese solar resource assessment

Portuguese solar resource assessments up to twice as uncertain as rest of W. Europe

Accurate solar resource assessments are essential to project a PV plant’s energy production – and ultimately forecast its revenue. Here’s Everoze partner Stefan Mau’s thoughts on why Portuguese energy yield assessments are so contested

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Portugal goes subsidy-free – but will grid bottlenecks stop solar flowing?

Blessed with strong solar irradiation, the Iberian peninsula is emerging as a test bed for subsidy-free solar. But in Portugal the pace of roll-out is being limited by grid bottlenecks – Everoze explains all…

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