Everoze Partners Wind Index 2018 BBQ summer

Everoze GB wind index shows price of fantastic summer

Remember the fantastic BBQ summer of 2018?! Check out Richard’s latest blog on how that great summer weather correlated with wind speeds

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Everoze GB Wind Index shows strong 2017 for Scotland and N. England

Everoze analysis of 2017 data shows that wind farms in Scotland and Northern England benefited from above average wind speeds – pulling up the overall national average.

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Missing: wind speeds in Northern France*

Northern France has been “due” a better wind year for several years, but of course, that fact makes a good wind year in 2017 no more likely. Everoze Partner Brieuc Pey promises significant reward for information leading to the re-capturing of Northern France’s missing wind speeds.

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We saw 2016 coming*……..

* …at least if you ignore Brexit and Trump and instead consider UK wind speed variability….Rich Whiting reviews the UK wind speed year and asks, how did your assets get on?

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Bumper 2015 wind year, did you fill your boots?

Our Everoze Wind Index shows that your GB onshore wind project should have generated at least 8%-10% more than your P50 budget. If not, it’s likely underperforming.

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