Everoze Partners Carbon emission Offset

CASE STUDY: Independent review of carbon emissions offset by major battery development

Everoze was pleased to support the development of one of Europe’s largest battery storage facilities through a detailed review of the positive carbon impacts of the proposed project.

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Facing the heat - Blog by Everoze - Image 1

Facing the heat

While Li-ion battery fires are a real risk, this risk is manageable as we learn more about the fires themselves and develop more bespoke battery engineering solutions, Jamie Shaw-Stewart explains.

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CASE STUDY: Everoze advises Capital Dynamics on a solar project acquisition in Italy

Everoze was delighted to advise Capital Dynamics on the technical side of a 18 MW solar project acquisition in Sicily, Italy, developed by Solar Ventures, a leading developer on the Italian market.

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Container Ship Felicity Ace

Tricky to move

Is local manufacturing of Li-ion batteries desirable or even necessary? Jamie Shaw-Stewart explores some technical and geopolitical issues around it

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Everoze acted as Technical Advisor during the construction of 144MW Bialy Bor wind farm in Poland

CASE STUDY: Technical Advisor during the construction of Bialy Bor 144MW wind farm in Poland

Everoze was delighted to act as Biały Bór Farma Wiatrowa’s technical advisor for the construction of a 144.9MW wind farm developed and built by Uriel. The wind farm is owned by Mirova(1) and Uriel and consists of 42 V126 WTGs.

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P375 Elexon code reforms

The upcoming P375 Elexon code reforms will be a game changer for domestic flexibility – Here’s why

There are further reforms in the works to fully unlock flexibility potential in our homes. Let’s pause, take a moment and indulge in some imagineering with Nithin Rajavelu

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CASE STUDY: TA to Octopus Renewables on the acquisition of a Swedish 31.5 MW wind farm

Everoze was delighted to advise Octopus Renewables on the acquisition of a 31.5MW wind farm located in Marhult, Sweden. The project was developed by OX2 and consists of 7 Vestas V150 4.5MW.

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Developers interested in implementing biodiversity measures at a solar plant should work with an experienced ecologist

The dawn of deep green solar

Ellie van der Heijden discusses how boosting biodiversity can be an opportunity for solar developers and investors to increase their positive impact

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Tulipes, Oeillets, Bleuets lender technical due diligence

CASE STUDY: Tulipes, Oeillets & Bleuets lender technical due diligence

Everoze was delighted to advise BPCE ENERGECO on the debt financing of Tulipes, Oeillets and Bleuets wind farms developed and built by H2AIR

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