CASE STUDY: Everoze supports ILOS with DD and construction monitoring for a UK 6 projects portfolio of 230 MWp Solar PV

Everoze will continue to be involved as Lenders Technical Advisor to monitor the construction and certify milestones / drawdowns for these projects.

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Workforce dilemma casts long shadow

Solar industry expansion is racing ahead, but shortages of skilled labour could derail progress. Benoit Ribeaud explores how a workforce bottleneck is affecting the solar industry and calls for more action to alleviate recruitment pressure

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CASE STUDY: Everoze advises Capital Dynamics on acquisition of 170 MW of solar projects in Italy

Everoze was pleased to advise Capital Dynamics on the acquisition of ca. 170 MW of solar PV projects located in Sicily, Italy.

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Battery degradation and the Capacity Market - oversize, repower or augment

Battery degradation and the Capacity Market – oversize, repower or augment?

Rules around Extended Performance Tests for BESS assets in the Capacity Market look like they are here to stay. Jamie Stewart describes the options available for project owners.

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CASE STUDY: Assessing climate risks for two of Octopus’ French onshore wind projects

Everoze delivered a climate risk and vulnerability assessment to Octopus Renewables Limited. We worked with climate modelling specialists Climate Scale to conduct a project specific review of the climate risks associated with the long-term environment at each asset site

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A contrarian’s viewpoint on REMA & GB wholesale market reforms

We agree with Nithin Rajavelu – It is a strange yet exciting time to be working in the energy sector. In this fascinating blog, he outlines his four contrarian viewpoints with adopting a locational marginal pricing (LMP) model for GB. 

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CASE STUDY: Assessment of the risk of forced labour

We provided an assessment of the risk of forced labour as part of our sustainability advisory services, with the aim of holistically bridging the technical, commercial, and environmental spheres for our clients

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The next big thing

The ‘next big thing’

The PV and battery storage industry in Southeast Asia has come a long way in the past decade. Ragna Schmidt-Haupt outlines the 5 factors for success, the newest of which has the potential to become the next big thing, and not only in Southeast Asia

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CASE STUDY: Vendor Technical Advisor for the sale of JBM Solar to German energy giant RWE

Everoze was happy to support the sale of solar and storage developer JBM Solar to RWE, producing the technical due diligence report, the solar PV energy production assessments that helped accurately forecast the Portfolio’s energy output

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