Everoze Partner Jo de Montgros Joining the Dots: What does COP25 mean for you?

Joining the Dots: What does COP25 mean for you?

Jo de Montgros expands on the vision that in five or ten years, zero carbon will be as culturally embedded in organisations as zero harm is from an HSE perspective.

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FlexTech: how to get the Island of Ireland’s grid renewables-ready

FlexTech: how to get the Island of Ireland’s grid renewables-ready

The FlexTech plan for renewables integration risks locking us into a business-as-usual mindset. Rapid decarbonisation means being bolder – read Felicity Jones’ analysis here

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L’avènement du bifacial - article publié dans PV Magazine France par Nicolas Chouleur, Associé chez Everoze

L’avènement du bifacial

For a long time, bifacial modules were considered as technological curiosities without practical application. The last two years have shown that this technology is becoming a must in many markets. In his latest article Nicolas Chouleur shares his vision with us. (in French)

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V2G hub

The InnovateUK V2G demo projects – 18 months on

Everoze partner Paul Reynolds reviews progress on V2G activities in the UK over the past 18 months

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We need to talk about wind resilience - Article in PV Magazine by Everoze partner Simon Hughes

We need to talk about wind resilience

In his article on wind resilience in PV structures published in PV Magazine, Everoze partner Simon Hughes shines a light on four things that need to happen

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Open Networks Project

Everoze’s 5 recommendations for approaching DSO services

Felicity Jones presents Everoze’s thoughts on local flexibility services – responding to a milestone UK consultation by the Energy Networks Association

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Everoze Partners Swarm Governance report

Everoze releases #SwarmGovernance report, addressing domestic DSR barriers

Our domestic energy sector is entering a period of great innovation. Our new report probes the barriers to domestic energy-as-a-service, and argues for a more agile, data-driven approach to addressing them.

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Sky's the Limit - Article in PV Magazine My 2019

Sky’s the limit

Everoze’s Ragna Schmidt-Haupt looks at just how realistic extended lifetime assumptions are, and what justifications are needed to underpin a repowering or retrofit business case.

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Demystifying bifacial Solar PV Blog by Ragna Smidt-Haupt and Nicolas Chouleur

Demystifying bifacial

A few years ago, nobody took bifacial solar PV seriously. With bifacial installations set for a big year in 2019, Everoze partner Ragna Schmidt-Haupt shines a light on the remaining challenges to making projects bankable

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