V2G Global Roadtrip: Around the World in 50 Projects

October 2018



Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology is booming. Across the world, pioneering V2G projects are delivering cutting-edge insights through learning by doing.

But whilst most projects have published individual outcomes, no one before has ventured to systematically capture lessons learned – and apply these to the UK and beyond. This is a problem. By focusing only on activity at home, we risk repeating mistakes that others have already learned; and we risk missing out on early successes too.

So this report is a round-the-world road trip of landmark V2G projects. It is jointly commissioned by leading network operator UK Power Networks  and innovation agency Innovate UK, both at the forefront of V2G demonstration. It’s an ambitious exploration, made possible only through the pan-industry support from contributors, and the records of intrepid explorers who have charted part of the way with early comparative reviews.

Our goal is to equip Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and market participants with the latest intelligence on where the value of V2G lies and what the challenges are. Please join us: pack your bags and off we go!

The report can be downloaded here: V2G Global Roadtrip: Around the World in 50 Projects

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If you would like to discuss V2G further, please either contact Paul through his blog or send an email to contact@everoze.com

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G): Technology enabling bi-directional energy transfer from/to plug-in electric vehicles. 
This is distinct from ‘dumb’ one-way charging and ‘V1G’ or ‘smart’ charging where the rate and time of charge can be varied. 


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