Everoze establishes presence in Germany

Ragna Schmidt-Haupt will strengthen the Everoze offering to the investment community across a wider range of European markets for renewables, energy storage and flexibility.

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Will blockchain solve the problem of Renewables Guarantees of Origin?

The Energy Web Foundation (EWF) is developing a global open-source blockchain for energy – and wants to use it to certify green power. Could this work?

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Your essential cribsheet to the top 3 corporate PPA models

With a global trend towards the end of subsidies for renewables and demand for green energy increasing year-on-year, a key challenge is how subsidy-free renewable energy projects will be funded.

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Everoze GB Wind Index shows strong 2017 for Scotland and N. England

Everoze analysis of 2017 data shows that wind farms in Scotland and Northern England benefited from above average wind speeds – pulling up the overall national average.

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A big year: Running out of 2017

As the Everoze team runs out of days in 2017 and charges headlong towards the new year, we thought we’d share a few highlights before powering down for the festive break.

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Energy Storage from Everoze Partners

What?! £7/MW/hr for EFR storage? Explain!

We explain how the low prices in the UK’s landmark tender were achieved – and what this means for the future of storage.

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