2020-06-25 Everoze and Western Power and SGC

Everoze launches new domestic DSO service with Western Power Distribution

We are delighted to have teamed up with Western Power Distribution and SGC to launch a new scheduled constraint management service, Sustain-H.

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Domestic energy as a service

Swarming on solutions for domestic energy-as-a-service

In her latest post, Everoze partner Felicity Jones publishes a sneak preview on our up-coming report about domestic energy as a service and how this might be delivered. 

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Your essential cribsheet to the top 3 corporate PPA models

With a global trend towards the end of subsidies for renewables and demand for green energy increasing year-on-year, a key challenge is how subsidy-free renewable energy projects will be funded.

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Fit is dead, long live the CfD?

To kick-off 2018, Everoze chose to reflect on last year’s hot topic for the French renewable industry: the new Contract-for-Difference mechanism.

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The DSO transition is raw and real – and it’s turning infrastructure investment upside down

The transition from DNO to DSO is bitingly fundamental. Read Everoze’s views here

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UK Capacity Market: 4.7GW batteries have prequalified for T-4 but can creative sector bounce back from de-rating debacle?

The UK’s Capacity Market (CM) Prequalification Registers and De-rating Consultation Response are finally out – and contain a few surprises for the battery storage industry. In this blog, we summarise Everoze’s takeaways from these two landmark publications.

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Out of sight, but definitely not out of mind: inspecting the underwater parts of offshore wind farms

Everoze Partner Zoe Barnes dips beneath the surface under an offshore wind turbine. Read her blog to find out what she found.

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National Grid’s new strategy spells SNAPS: let the storage party roll on

National Grid’s new System Needs And Product Strategy (SNAPS) for the UK is out. With a title that teases, it offers a cheeky tipple on the future of our flexibility markets. Everoze taste-tests on your behalf.

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So you’ve built your battery project – now what?

With >400MWh battery projects due to come online in the UK in the next 18 months alone, it’s time to plan how to track whether these projects are performing.

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