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The InnovateUK V2G demo projects – 18 months on

Everoze partner Paul Reynolds reviews progress on V2G activities in the UK over the past 18 months

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V2G Global Roadtrip: Around the World in 50 Projects

Ready for a cross-continental adventure? Our goal is to equip DSOs and market participants with the latest intelligence on where the value of V2G lies and what the challenges are. Please join us: pack your bags and off we go!

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How smart charging and vehicle to grid services will cut the cost of EVs

What do you think of when I say electric vehicle? Hopefully not a 1970s milk float, perhaps a Nissan LEAF or Tesla Model S? Well here at Everoze when we think of an electric vehicle we don’t just think of a car, we think of a powerful battery, on wheels!

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