Electric vehicles – four forms of flex for a renewable future

In his latest blog, Everoze partner Paul Reynolds describes the four forms of flex for a renewable future

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CASE STUDY: Independent Engineer for Nevendon EFR Commissioning Tests

Everoze was delighted to act as independent engineer on behalf of Belectric Solar Ltd for the National Grid commissioning tests at Foresight’s 10MW Nevendon Battery Storage Project in Essex

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Everoze Partners French energy storage

Évitez la sortie de route de vos projets de stockage; prévoyez de diversifier vos sources de revenus

Dans ce dernier blog, Everoze partenaire Siobhan Green montre pourquoi le souci de flexibilité devrait être au cœur des projets de stockage en France métropolitaine.

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Renewable price capture in Spain: mapping the territory

An interesting and well presented analysis of captured price in Spain by Everoze partner Alexander Klein

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CASE STUDY: Everoze advises Mirova on the 300MW Goya wind farm cluster

Everoze was delighted to advise Mirova on the technical side for the acquisition of the Spanish 300MW Goya Project – the first premium and public subsidy free wind farm

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CASE STUDY: Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm

Everoze is pleased to have been technical advisor to J-Power in its acquisition, at the outset of the construction phase, of a stake in the 860MW Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm

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Everoze Partners Portuguese solar resource assessment

Portuguese solar resource assessments up to twice as uncertain as rest of W. Europe

Accurate solar resource assessments are essential to project a PV plant’s energy production – and ultimately forecast its revenue. Here’s Everoze partner Stefan Mau’s thoughts on why Portuguese energy yield assessments are so contested

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CASE STUDY: Acquisition of Langa, a French owner and developer, by ENGIE

Everoze advised ENGIE on the acquisition of Langa solar and storage portfolio made up of 720 sites with a total power of 1.280 MWp

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Refreshing blend or toxic technology cocktail?

Battery storage is racing even faster than the PV market did a few years ago. Costs are plummeting, and new production lines are popping up all around the world. But the technology battle is far from over, says Everoze partners Ragna Haupt-Schmidt in her new article.

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